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Welcome. Grüß dich. Szia. Salut. Grüezi.

It is wonderful having you here!

My name is Veronica Summer. I am a singer, songwriter, voice-over talent, and motivational coach. For the past 10 years, I have worked & lived in over 10 countries pursuing my dream as a creative professional. I am fortunate to have recorded audio and vocals in studios all over the world, and have sang and talked on small and big stages. Currently, I am working from my home in the beautiful Austrian Alps, sharing my experiences with you on my YouTube channel and creating albums, ebooks, and content for the Rising Star Community.


If you are a creative professional or someone that wants more inspiration in life, you have come to the right place. If you struggle with writer's block, lack of creativity and motivation, stage fright, and are not sure if you should sell your work online, you should definitely check out my YouTube Channel. It is completely for free ;) if you leave a like, I will put in a good word for you when I meet Karma.


Don't wait for the world to change, change yourself first and you can achieve anything you want. If you are ready to pursue your dreams and are looking for some motivation to get there, I am here for you. Don't be shy - let's do this together!


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Come on over, baby.


I try to produce as much free content as I can to support you with inspirational content and good vibes. You can listen to my podcast, read my blog, tune in to "The Meditation Channel" and watch my videos on YouTube. I also put a lot of work into creating high-quality albums and ebooks, which you can find right here by clicking below.



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The Meditation Channel

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Please come inside.

Follow me for your daily dose of  inspiration and an occasional rant ;)  I try to be as active as possible and share as much of my life as necessary.

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