5 Myths About Creativity and How to Overcome Them!

Usually, when I mention the word creativity people instantly become insecure. As if the word creativity would cause instant anxiety, fear, and doubt- even if you talk to highly professional and skilled people. Let's uncover some myths surrounding this topic and uncover the truth behind this fuzzy topic.

Myth #1: Creativity is only needed at the top

In today"s professional world, creativity applies to everyone. The organizations that win these challenging times have creativity as a core value and embrace their employees to think creatively in all levels of the cart. We should embrace the concept of everyday creativity because fresh ideas and creative problem solving (Six- Hat- Concept) can help in every business setting.

Myth #2: People are creative only based on what they do

Your role has nothing to do with your creativity. There are professional musicians in major symphonies that are great technicians but don’t use an ounce of creativity. There are also statisticians that are brilliantly creative. Don’t let labels dictate or limit your creativity.

Myth #3: Creativity can't be developed

As human beings we have a tremendous creative capacity; we just need to develop it. Your level of creativity isn't fixed as birth. Matter of fact most children are creative geniuses. But as we grow older and society tells us to "man up" we forget about creativity. Think of it like training a muscle. You won't build those perfect muscles overnight, it requires some practice and focus. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific research confirming that you can grow your creativity by using different techniques.

Myth #4: Creativity isn't in my job

Wrong, creativity is in everyone's job. Think a bit more broadly here. Creativity does not solely mean painting, writing, or whatever might hit your mind first. Actually it is about thinking about problems in a different kinda way. Expanding the focus and the angel. Or maybe finding a different approach to business topics or even coming up with new business ideas. For an organization, it is vital to unharness all the creative potential they can get.

Myth #5: My technical skills and experience aren't enough

Maybe in the past but that does not shape your future. Unorthodox approaches, original ideas, thoughts, and imagination have become the currency for success in the world.

The difference between getting a promotion, making sales, raising your budget numbers, or reaching your full potential lies in your ability to embrace and nurture your creative potential.

We are faced daily with unprecedented challenges. The stakes are higher than ever, but so is your opportunity. Dispelling these myths and going out into the world with a fresh and creative mind makes you a difference-maker! And by the way, they're some simple techniques to embrace creativity:

  • Learn through collaboration

  • Do something you love

  • Find inspiration

  • Unplug (and just do nothing)

  • Walk

  • Set the right mood

  • Use the Six Thinking Hats Technique

  • As for advice or feedback

  • Pick a terrible idea

Just do it! Love, Veronica

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