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7 Reasons Why Self-Care Is a Must!

Let’s face it, we wake up every day and immediately have to-dos on our mind. It might have changed during the Corona crisis, but we all have our ties.

In our modern society, we grew up thinking that more is better than less.

That putting more work on your plate, is healthier than pulling the plug when we are exhausted. Even though we recognize that taking a break benefits us, we hardly ever take action.

Why do you have a hard time putting self-care into action?

A major problem for many of us, of course, is time. We’re too busy with our very full, often very rich lives, and simply don’t have time to pamper ourselves.

We might even think that being self-compassionate is the same as self-pitying, let alone the fact that we consider it being selfish or even narcissistic. How often did I want to take the time to pamper myself and ended up not doing it, because something or somebody else was more important.

We feel that taking care of others should own a higher priority than taking up time for ourselves.

No matter how hard we try, no matter how successful we are, no matter how good a parent, employee, or spouse we are - it’s never enough. There is always someone richer, thinner, smarter, or more powerful than us and we want to desperately keep up - and that my sweethearts, is completely wrong.

Stop chasing your own tail

I mean it! Stop it and make room for some self-care.

Self-care is central to living a life that’s productive, fulfilling, and that you feel good about. Yet too few of us know how to honor our deepest needs and the craving to slow down, rebalance and ask for help.

How does that work though?

"Self-care is one’s action around our physical, emotional, relational, perhaps professional, educational, and, for some people, spiritual well-being that reflects the way that we take care of ourselves on the most fundamental levels," says Helen L. Coons, Ph.D., a clinical health psychologist at the specializing in women’s behavioral health and wellness at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

It’s all all about making small and purposal efforts.

Self-care can be blocking out time for a date with a partner, or planning healthy meals instead of reaching for sugary snacks.

But more importantly, it is about the first actions and thoughts when you wake up, about the train of thoughts you have when you shower and get ready for the day, about the way you talk to and treat yourself. Setting those intentions can provide more motivation and pleasure and cut back on stress, worry, and for some people, irritability.

Don’t be afraid to implement self-care rituals daily. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming (go to the member area and find out) and most importantly, it is not selfish!

I have created these rituals as a part of everyday things you do anyway: shower, cook, walk, talk, think.

We women, tend to confuse self-care with being selfish- thinking that somehow taking care of yourself is self-involvement or a selfish act, rather than a self-respectful act. Simply think of it as a pie chart, the slices being family/friends, work, and yourself. And the good news is you and the people you love, can only benefit from it.

Why is self-care beneficial?

You might think, okay what’s the deal?

I lay on the couch every night and if I am exhausted, I will unwind by eating a bag of chips, binge-watching Netflix, or pouring myself a glass of wine.

Well, been there, done that.

However, this isn’t self-care and 45% of us will still lie awake at night due to stress. Unhealthy coping-mechanisms as mentioned above might help us regulate, but the relief is temporary. Mindful self-care is the opposite because it is uncontroversially good for you. And when practiced correctly it has long-term benefits.

Seven benefits for you!

1. Increasing positivity

Practicing self-care produces positive feelings, which will take your confidence and self-esteem to the next level.

Whether you choose to dance for five minutes or meditate for 10 minutes a day, you’ll feel good. The more you do this, the more you’re likely to recognize that you deserve to feel better. Which, in turn, means that your confidence will increase.

2. Increasing productivity and motivation

Focusing on self-care can improve productivity and motivation.

It could be that you spend your time looking forward to the fifteen minutes you get at the end of the day to unwind.

So, you’re motivated to work hard to get there quicker.

In general, the fact that you’re taking time will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. So, you’ll have more energy to get the other important stuff done with less frustration.

3. Achieving higher engagement Levels

If we do self-care activities, we are likely to have higher engagement levels. Which means we’ll feel more connected to the world around us. The relaxation you get from your self-care will make you more aware of what is going on around you.

These days we spend a lot of time keeping ourselves busy (or feeling busy) so that we don’t have the space to take the world in. Taking 5-30 minutes daily will widen your eyes and mind.

4. Fighting fatigue and illness

Neglecting self-care practices can lead to fatigue and illness. It also decreases our ability to support and look after those who are important to us.

If we don’t look after ourselves, we are much more likely to become unwell. Especially when we stop. Of course, you are unlikely to avoid ever getting sick, but cutting it down is appealing, right?

If you’re unwell, and always busy, you’ll find it difficult to look after all those other people you want to support. This is where the benefits of self-care kick in.

5. Breaking free from stress

Taking a break amidst a tub of warm bubbles or under the warm hands of an experienced masseuse (only if the current crisis allows you too) can help you feel like you’re escaping a stressful reality and taking a mental and emotional vacation.

As previously mentioned, it triggers the relaxation response and allows you to come back to the reality of your life feeling refreshed and relaxed.

6. Gives you time alone

While different people have varying degrees of introversion and extroversion, having some time alone is important for most people’s functioning.

When you’re relaxing by yourself, it’s much easier to slip into a state of quiet meditation, enjoy some self-reflection, or let your problems work themselves out in the back of your mind, without taking all of your focused concentration.

7. It offers soothing feelings

Giving your body some special treatment is a natural way to relieve stress. Other than keeping your skin soft and your body in good repair, spa-related activities like massages and warm baths have been known to soothe even small colicky babies like nothing else.

Such activities continue to be effective tools for relaxation as we get older, but we sometimes forget to utilize them.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

So, ask yourself this: why am I not doing this already? Self-care doesn’t have to be overly complicated, too time-consuming, or selfish. Head over to the Rising Star community and get your guide and check out my active practices.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget to shine, lovely.

Yours, Veronica

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