An easy definition of why gratitude should be your attitude!

Have you ever thought about what gratitude is defined by? How it differentiates from being thankful and how it leads to happiness? Experiencing gratitude and making it your attitude, does not only lead to a healthier life, but to a happier mind as well.

The definition of gratitude and thankfulness

Gratitude often relates to this feeling of being happy, when we experience things going very well in our lives. 

If you are like most people you can probably make a quick list in your head of the things that you have in your life that make it a little bit better. In the past, my lists included those exact same things: Being thankful for my dog, my family, my home, and whatever puts a smile on your face. I was absolutely and truly thankful in that moment, but it didn’t seem to have a long- term effect or something that could change my daily life. 

So what if instead of being thankful, we are truly grateful?

If you are like I used to be, both thankfulness and gratitude seem interchangeable, but a matter of fact they are not. There is a difference and knowing it is key.

In general, both are positive feelings and are routed in the energy of love (link to previous blog post). Their foundation, therefore is the same, however, there is a subtle difference. 

Being thankful allows us to acknowledge the benefits provided to us. It is the feeling of being pleased or relieved and is an inside feeling. It is an act. Whereas gratitude is an outward expression of feeling. It does not only provide us with being aware of what is happening in our lives, furthermore, we are appreciative of the benefits we receive. 

Simply think of it as layers of a cake: The foundation is the energy love, followed by thankfulness, which we mostly feel in our chest and back, is an inward feeling. Our frosting being gratitude, which we feel on top of our chest, even a bit outside. Being grateful for something we received and which came from the outside. 

So in a nutshell, gratitude is the energetic expression of thankfulness.

What’s the benefit?

For one, expressing gratitude changes the way we perceive events. We all get caught up in negativity: “Announce too often that you are miserable, and you’ll begin to believe it (Janice Kaplan)”.

What if we had the power to make conscious choices to experience gratefulness and turning negativity into positivity? If we look and appreciate the positivity in every experience, we change this experience by changing our mindset. We can’t always change the events, but we can change the way we look at it and change our response. Remember, events and the reaction accompanying them, determine the outcome.

A Harvard Health Study found that practicing gratitude has a direct effect on an individual’s well-being. Concluding in more happiness, optimism, and deeper relationships. 

Practicing gratitude

Practicing gratitude can be simple, but consistency is key. 

Forms of practicing gratitude are: 

  • Making gratitude lists

  • Reframing your experiences

  • Choosing experiences rather than things

  • Not saving it for special occasions

If you want to learn how to practice it in depth, head over to the Rising Star MEMBER AREA.

Start today!

Don’t put off practicing gratitude. It should be an attitude and become a habit!

Just think about all the joyful memories you have and how they immediately trigger joy within you. That is the exact moment you don’t discriminate. You fully accept the whole of this experience given to you by the universe, being fully one with the whole and feeling happy!

Stay safe, stay grateful!

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